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Meetings 2012

Page history last edited by DeeSnow 12 years ago



Meetings 2012



On this page you can find information about our inworld meetings, along with a list of participants (add yourself!) and a summary of the meetings — if someone volunteers to provide it :-)


Note: Meetings are chronologically organised from oldest to latest., the latest being at the top of the page. Comments are at the end of the page.

Check the meeting calendar for 2012:  Calendar of Events (if you wish to add events there, IM me to get access to the SL experiments's calendar)


Wed 20th June 2012 -7pm GMT - 9pm CET  - 12pm SLT - Teacher Meeting


Meeting Place: EduNation - Webhead's HQ 


Agenda: SLANGUAGES again? Would this be ok to do some more brainstorming and planning? I would really appreciate it but do not need to clog the whole meeting with this.



  1. Heike aka Gwen
  2. Cybère (I will try my best a it is bad timing for me during the week) Heike, are there any specific points about the organisation of the  conference you would like us to think about beforehand? SO we can have time to reflect and put down ideas, any brainstorming ggdoc we could create, or re-use what we had last year?  
  3. DeeSnow 



Brainstorming: Please share what you have, I cant remember much.




Following meeting: Friday 1st of June


Fri 1st June 2012 -7pm GMT - 9pm CET  - 12pm SLT - Teacher Meeting



Meeting Place: EduNation - Webhead's HQ 


Agenda: Come join us for our regular SLexperiments teacher meeting, Fri 1 June 12pm noon SLT on EduNation. Landmark attached.

We will talk about SLanguages and about a new program that will suprise many and which will rock, yes more, which can be a viral marketing campaign for Second Life and can attract many learners.

Am looking forward to this meeting!

rgds Heike




  1. Heike Philp 
  2. Cybère 
  3. Pawlus
  4. Karelia 
  5. YT Upsilon - Surprise SL Update, but I'm on my way.  Fingers crossed.




     1. Jens - Ubs I will miss this meeting - but sommerparty in my ICT Club RL!


What we talked about is: Barbara mentioned her new educational tools shop on marketplace, SLoodle, Moodle and Avatarclassroom was discussed, SLanguages coming up, possible logo-options, a machinima strand at SLanguages, several language strands at SLanguages, machinima production was questions in as much as some acclaimed to have been interested in the learning process 'How to film in SL' but are not so interested in producing and commercialising videos (for educational reasons). We also learned what everyone is involved in: Barbara - educational games, Karelia - BCS island and the goal to get children into SL, her teen-students to perhaps visit And Arabellos gallery (her exhibition has started, the images are somewhat shocking, hence I changed the rating of the island from General to Moderate), Losairam is busy at university and had some RLCyber is taking 3 students to Paris and works with Anna Begonia and Losairam on this Spanish project (you might have to tell us again exactly what it is), Pawel finished his experiment and his research and is evaluating the results right now, he is looking forward to presenting his findings at SLanguages, Pete McKichan (with a bit rusty robot avi) is setting up an island in OpenSim on his servers and has a 3000 user running Moodle installation, Lynn is working on visual communication with her students and gets her students to record themselves. 

If I missed any of the news, just add to this!



Wed 16th May 2012 -7pm GMT - 9pm CET  - 12pm SLT - Teacher Meeting



Meeting Place: EduNation - Webhead's HQ 


Agenda: Barbara Novelli gives a tour of her home and the educational tools on site.
(cybère) If time allows, we might want to try setting up a schedule sheet of workshops, show & tell with content and schedule?
The teacher toolkit is also still on-going so folks if you have any brilliant idea and tools to share, please add them to the following googledoc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1P-usx6xUdokr_Pj79kSE4UvjOrMzEh8BAqvI5CMQ9k0



  1. Cybère - looking forward to this, Barbara!
  2. Pawlus - me too :-)
  3. Karelia - and me! (Sorry for stealign the lock if you were still here Dee .. I am assuming you had finished!) 



1. DeeSnow  terribly sorry I can't make this .  Really enjoyed the housewarming party and would love to see her tools, but have to teach a class this evening


The activities proposed by Barbara are fantastic, anyone who has missed the tour should ask Barbara for another one! I am intending to use some ideas fro French FL which I will share on my plot once it is done!! These tools are easy to use and fabulously creative! Thank you so much for all this work, Barbara! ((If anyone has any pic full perm of the session to upload on this page, please do so)) (Cybère)


Friday 4th May 2012 -7pm GMT - 9pm CET  - 12pm SLT - Teacher Meeting

Passage de Lathuille, Paris

Meeting Place: EduNation - Webhead's HQ 


Agenda: Project presentation FREN215 Paris Visits and assignments by Cybère (if interested)



  1. Cybère
  2. DeeSnow (I hope, as I am really interested in this topic, but I'll be in a hotel in Kent on my way to the "Innovations in ELT" conference so it will depenmd on the technology and the traffic on the M25!)
  3. Karelia / Helen -will be great to see you again Cybère! 
  4. Heike (will be running late to join because of some livestreaming video work in SL) 



1. Annette. Sorry to miss so many meetings and projects but I am still teaching on Friday evenings... :-((

Wednesday 18 April 2012 -7pm GMT - 9pm CET  - 12pm SLT - Teacher Meeting

Meeting Place: EduNation - Webhead's HQ 

Agenda: Follow-up from former meeting


  • Teacher toolkit (on-going)

(cybère) I have uploaded a googleDoc for the purpose of the Teacher toolkit. Please IM me with your email so I can give you access to adding your suggestions and ideas ;)



  • Visit to Virtlantis (Jens and Kip to confirm)        

hi jens!
[12:11] Kip Yellowjacket: I am trying to organice a trip to all the new things at Virtlantis!

Can it be Wednesday 18 April 2012 - 7pm GMT - 9pm CET - 12pm SLT - Teacher Meeting
After the meeting 9pm CET?
[12:11] Kip Yellowjacket: yes :)
[12:11] Kip Yellowjacket: sounds good to me


We had a great tour with Kip to Virtlantis - we decided to make a 2nd tour soon!



  1. Karelia 
  2. Jens 
  3. Pawlus
  4. Almut
  5. Barbara
  6. Carol 


  1. DeeSnow
  2. Cybère - might not be able to make it but I would love to be there!!!! Quite early for me at a time I need to get to work :) The visit sounds great!!!

Friday 6 April 2012 -7pm GMT - 9pm CET  - 12pm SLT - Teacher Meeting

Meeting Place: EduNation - Webhead's HQ 

Agenda: Follow-up from former meeting

  • Teacher toolkit (on-going)

(cybère) I have uploaded a googleDoc for the purpose of the Teacher toolkit. Please IM me with your email so I can give you access to adding your suggestions and ideas ;)



  • Bonfire Chat and some social activities afterwards (dancing on EduNations new piazza)




  1. Gwen Gwasi
  2. DeeSnow 


  1. Jens 
  2. Karelia (most probably not - sorry - I hate missing out!))
  3. Pawlus (sorry, pre-Easter family visit)



Wednesday 21 March 2012 -7pm GMT - 8pm CET  - 12pm SLT - Teacher Meeting

Meeting Place: EduNation - Webhead's HQ 

Agenda: Open Agenda


Come join us for an informal teacher meeting around the bonfire at the Webhead's headquaters on EduNation. It has been a long time since we last met. Please suggest any item for the agenda.



- Resuming of the training program for advanced SL skills

- After MachinEVO - what's next

(cybère's suggestion) - How about discussing a self-access SL tool kit / box for language teachers willing to teach in VW that we would make available here on Edunation, The discussion could primarily revolve around

    • Who would have access to it
    • What content (for e.g.) 
      • Getting started with SL (basic notions + keyboard shortcuts, voice and chat)
      • Box containing mod/copy educational tools with instructions (slideshow board, notecard readers, huds, etc..)
      • Managing groups and space
      • Summary of what we tried: Task-based / Problem based learning activities that we can comment on (treasure hunts, exhibitions by students, murder mysteries etc...)
      • Theoretical background / bibliography (general notion of situated learning, PBL/TBL, gamification etc...)
      • Using the holodeck (activities and know-how)
    • Any other suggestion?

(We can start a google doc that we can fill-in in with suggested rubrics that we can agree using during the meeting and whenever we have time or ideas) 

- (jens) Tour to Virtlantis - Kip have made some new interesting things for teacher...!

- (jens) Info on Mashinima courses in SL - Tikaf Viper - at Builders Brewery - http://tikafviper.eklablog.com/



  1. Gwen
  2. Cybère :) 
  3. Jens 
  4. Pawlus, at least for some time (teaching US students). Sorry, I was almost hour late...  
  5. Lynne - sorry I kept crashing.


  1. Karelia (in a meeting in London which starts at 6pm UK time) - I really like what you have suggested Cybère!
  2. DeeSnow (teaching until 9.30 GMT) I really  like Cybere's suggestion too.  Also I thought the fortnightly training sessions were really useful.  Would love to have more of those

Following Meeting:


I have uploaded a googleDoc for the purpose of the Teacher toolkit. Please send me your email so I can give you access to editing ;)



Friday 2nd March 2012 -7pm GMT - 8pm CET  - 11am SLT - Treasure Hunt


Meeting Place: EduNation - Webhead's HQ 

Agenda: Treasure Hunt @ Arcachon

Let's explore how a treasure hunt can enhance language learning, group work and motivation! A treasure hunt is fun to complete in groups and there are many way of combining the environment.
Organising one was a great learning curve, mainly with the decisions I had to make to make it hard enough but not too easy so people how you can organise one, the tools you can use to make one, let's discuss how clues can be modified for different levels and how you can manage the groups to compete. I don;t have the answers, let's discuss them together :)

I will help you complete the treasure hunt if you are not familiar with the Arcachon sim, so you can get the fabulous prize, then we will move back to Webheads HQ.

Looking forward to seeing you all again soon!


(Message from Karelia: .... and if you would like a social evening afterwards and enjoy loud rock music and random conversation, The Crow Bar has a Spanish-themed evening afterwards .. feel free to join me!  I have my tango dress at the ready !!)



  1. Cybère
  2. Pawlus 
  3. Karelia Kondor 
1. Annette. Mannaggia (this is for Karelia ;-)), I'm busy teaching on Friday evenings! Enjoy your hunt! [Karelia risponda: che peccato :(  ]
2. DeeSnow. really sorry I can't make this but I'll be enjoying loud rock music in RL (Rammstein live in Nottingham)Nottingham capital FM arena YT 
3. Lynne Hand (YT Upsilon)  - Sorry.  Hubby just phoned me, he's booked a table at a nice restaurant tonight to surprise me.  Dee - At Rock City?  :)
4. Gary Motteram -- Didn't hear about this until too late; can we advertise these meetings via the Ning, too.


Following meeting: Wednesday 21st March


From January 09th till February 16th


Meeting Place: EduNation - Webhead's HQ 

Agenda: machinevo




Video productions of language learning conversations

MachinEVO is all about producing films of language learning conversations undertaken in Second Life. Unleash your creativity!

Join the great group of language educators to know all about creating movies with your students and for your classes

Don't miss out!!!!


From January 09 to February 16

Find out more:


and here ;


All of the events will be livestreamed at 





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