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SLanguages 2011

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5th SLanguages Annual Symposium

'Serious games' and 'Situated Learning'




  This annual event is entirely free and takes place on the EduNation islands within Second Life. Take a look at the main venue. There will be a Conference TP HUD available for easy navigation.


Time and Date

Fri, 16 September 2011       8am SLT* | 3pm GMT  until    2pm SLT | 9pm GMT
Sat, 17 September 2011    3am SLT  | 10am GMT until   4pm SLT | 11pm GMT
Sun, 18 September 2011     1am SLT  | 8am GMT  until    8am SLT | 3pm GMT
 *SL Second Life Time = PDT Pacific Day Time (San Francisco)

Use TimeAndDate.com to find your local times.




The featured theme of the conference is 'Serious games' and 'Situated Learning'. Plan your attendance with the conference program (available nearer the time of the conference). 



Sessions will be given by experienced practitioners in language education and Second Life, and other virtual worlds.


How to attend


SLanguages 2011 is free to attend and free to present. You only need a Second Life avatar, which is also free. 

Registration is via the "SLanguages Annual Symposium" group in Second Life


Twitter Hashtag  #slang11

Streaming Services

 All of the events will also be streamed in Adobe ConnectPro and keynotes/ panels will also be streamed with UStream. ConnectPro is a webconferencing software which allows us to screenshare the events in SL, almost like a virtual window to a virtual world. You do not need to have an avatar to attend a session in Adobe and you can watch on and listen into the presentations, workshops, tours, demo lessons etc.


Conference Party

Do not miss the fabulous party set up and organised by our favourite party girls Karelia and Mary!


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