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LindenSquares Game



[type here] 

I was wondering where the graphics came from. 


Would there be any copyright problems with the set up of the game being so similar to the TV equivalents?


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Thanks so much for organising this, sorry I couldn't take a box, but I really was cooking pasta.  I had a good giggle, and actually managed to use some of the gestures I'd never needed before, but I couldn't hang around for the discussion afterwards, so this might already have been said.  My thoughts on the game as a language learning tool was that it is a bit complicated, and so in a language learning environment it would be better as a regular event.  That way participants could get to learn the rules of the game, which would make it flow better.  My overall impression was that it would be better if the participants were native speakers, with an audience of learners.  This might not sound very interactive for the learners, so it might be a good idea to build in some kind of polling tool for the audience to choose agree / disagree and a prize at the end if they were correct most of the time.  (Of course with the wonderful world of Wiki, this might be easy to do, but at least they'd be searching in English).    (Loved the dress too.)  YT Upsilon



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