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Building and workshops

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SLExperiments Workshops resources

Workshops and dates 2011 here

1. Poses and Animations with QAvimator (Gwen)

2. One prim Objects (Cybère) 

3. Gestures (Nahiram) 23-24July cancelled due to newly added events to the program.

4. Creating learning scenarii with builder's buddy scripts (Mary)

5. Prim Puppeteer workshop  (Prim animation) (Misy)

6. NEW Randall's HUD building workshop

7. NEW Randall's Horizon Holodeck building workshop

8. NEW Randall´s Advanced Holodeck 



Free Educational Objects

SL Free Objects

SL Free Educational Objects 2


Scripting lessons

  1. Door with a password
  2. Blocks wall script
  3. Texture menu manager script
  4. The script Jutsu Rezzer 


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