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Landmarks Index

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Exploring is one the raison d'ĂȘtre of  Second life as it is user-generated content and design possibilities are almost endless, so check out some - and add your own fabulous locations to visit. We have classified  


  • Education
    • institutions, universities
    • language learning 
    • Other subject-related sims (medical, space, geophysics etc..) 
  • Entertainment 
  • Language and Cultural other than English 
    • French speaking
    • Spanish speaking
    • German speaking
    • Italian speaking
    • Japanese speaking and Chinese speaking
    • Portuguese & Brazilian speaking
    • Other languages and RL locations  (the list can grow depending on contributions of course)
  • Themed
    • Alternative, Romantic and Fantasy
    • Dark, Cyberpunk, Streampunk and Haunted 
    • Historical
    • Role Plays (moderate)


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