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Meetings 2011

Page history last edited by YTUpsilon 12 years, 7 months ago




Meetings 2011


On this page you can find information about our inworld meetings, along with a list of participants (add yourself!) and a summary of the meetings — if someone volunteers to provide it :-)


Note: Meetings are chronologically organised from oldest to latest., the latest being at the top of the page. Comments are at the end of the page.

Check the meeting calendar for 2011:  Calendar of Events

Previous meeting minutes since 2009 are here: Weekly Meetings 11 September 2009 ~~ 

Themed LandmarksSLexperiments discussion fora on Avalon-ning here http://goo.gl/yN2YT


Sunday 4th December 6pm GMT - 7pm CET  - 10 am SLT

Out damned spot


Meeting Place: EduNation - Webhead's HQ 

Agenda: Lynne (YT Upsilon) and Karelia Kondor will visit Macbeth in SL

Attending :

1. Karelia Kondor

2. YTUpsilon

3. Devlink



Apologies :

1. Pawlus Twine. Family meeting Sunday evening, afk.



Following meeting: Friday 2nd December 2011 - 7pm GMT - 8pm CET - 11 SLT


Friday 2nd December 2011 7pm GMT - 8pm CET  - 11am SLT


Meeting Place: EduNation - Webhead's HQ 


Karelia suggestion: In the last meeting we suggested we might try out our own 'pantomime'.  Just an idea if we do want to meet and if no-one else has ideas!  Otherwise, happy to show you another game on my plot!


Attending :

  1. Karelia Kondor  (I'll come along to see if anyone else is there to take this forward.  I have to attend another meeting inworld at 8pm GMT).  There are some ready-written pantomimes here.  Our challenge could be to create a pantomime only using the existing sets in Edunation.  (The Aladdin lends itself well .. much set underwater!)  Just an idea!  I really like the idea of performing pantomime live .. audience participation is a key feature of pantomime! (e.g. 'he's behind you!' ... )
  2. Lynne is going to attend - Oh no she isn't!  Oh, yes she is!  (Sorry - couldn't help myself).
  3. Pawlus Twine.


Apologies :

1. Annette. I'm sorry but I'm teaching tonight. BTW, I really enjoyed last time meeting!

Wednesday 16th November 7pm GMT - 8pm CET  - 1pm SLT

The Play's the thing.  Producing a play in Second Life. 


Meeting Place: EduNation - Webhead's HQ 

Agenda: Lynne (YT Upsilon) will discuss how the Scenes from Jane Eyre were put together on a wing and a prayer and a shoestring budget. 

Attending :

1. Cybère

2. YTUpsilon

3. Elinor Minotaur

4. April

5. Karelia (Cybère: Yes Miss K:  it is Wednesday 16th Nov! Yay!)

Friday 4 November- 7pm GMT - 8pm CET - 12PM SLT -  Exploration Dante's Inferno

 Meeting Place: EduNation - Webhead's HQ 

Agenda: Exploration Dante's Inferno 

Come and join us for a visual account of Dante's nine circles of Hell, and discuss how we could possibly exploit this sim for language learning. If we are in the mood we could also unleash our emotions and creative minds by practising emoting there. Let's build an improvised dialogue with descriptive narrative elements and add to the quality of our visit! Bring on your best costume of hell too!! Let's scare the demons away !

After the visit - and to remain pedagogically sane  - we can discuss how we could possibly exploit this beautiful sim for language learning. *smiles*

To get you in the mood before the visit, take a look at this website

Before the visit I (Misy) suggest to read the site of Eloise Pasteur, who designed and built this project in SL. This is the link: Eloise Pasteur Educational Designs - Dante's Inferno and Linden Hills 


Cybère's note: For those who wouldn't make it, I have placed the new INFERNO landmark and notecard in a rotating box in my resource centre (SLURL) . Touch it and you will receive a folder named SLExperiments Explo - INFERNO with a notecard and an embedded notecard describing the nine circles. Type INFERNO in your inventory to find the folder.

Misy has generously put a copy of Dante's Inferno in English and Italian next to the rotating box here.

 Also See Karelia's note below about a supplementary visit:

Karelia comment: Perhaps those of us who cannot make it at this time can do it on Saturday some time? When would you be free Annette? Then the  Passegitaliano group could visit and try it out in Italian, Tuesday 8th Nov 9-10 pm UK time? (no idea what SL time that will be!!!)


Attending :

1. Cybère

2. Pawlus

3. Misy Ferraris (Although some personal problems I'll try to be there so that I help you with this Italian masterpiece,(cybère: Thanks Misy, it would be fabulous to have you lead the group if you know Dante's works!! .... I hope you are okay?)

 4. DevLink

5. Heike aka Gwen - CANT WAIT!

6. Karelia (technical rehearsal apparently, so not needed!)

7. DeeSnow


Apologies :

Annette Lionheart. Gosh, I'm teaching on Friday. I would have loved joining you on this! BTW, at the moment my students and I are comparing Dante's Inferno and Satan with Milton's and it is fascinating.

Lynne - YT.Upsilon - Sorry I've been a bit AFK for the last week or so, I'm currently undergoing some major dental work (my own circle of hell).  :(  Friday - not good.  Saturday / Tuesday - good.  :)

SU: I am afraid I will have to cancel too. I have a very important union meeting at 8pm :( I hoped I could skip it, but I really have to go (things are crazy 'round here). I am working from home almost on Saturday, till about 5.30, if anyone is free. I am working inSL anyway :)


Friday 7 October - 6pm GMT - 8pm CET - 11am SLT - BURN2

Meeting Place: EduNation - Webhead's HQ 

Agenda: Gwen

 Attending :

1. Cybère

2. YTUpsilon

3. Su Nacht (I'm having all sort of problems with SL and my Internet connection/computer these days ... I hope it will work this evening)

5. Karelia (back fromWarwick so I can come!!!!) and yes. . Burn 2 tour would be GREAT!!


May I suggest a change in plan here? BURN2 is on only this week and I offer to do a BURN2 tour. How is this?



Friday 2 September - 6pm GMT - 8pm CET - 11am SLT -

SLanguages Conference Meeting

Exploration: The Academy of Linguistic Studies on Babbage  (if time allows)

Meeting Place: EduNation - Webhead's HQ 

Agenda: Change of plans 

The conference is coming nigh and wen need volunteers to help us out!  If you are interested in finding out about the conference, please come to the meeting.


1. Cybère

2. Karelia Kondor

3.Limiaber  Unfortunately, I am so busy now that I can not be there.

4 Osna....Oh....After waiting for 15 minutes realised I was a week early.........





1. Su Nacht (I am at a conference) 

2. YT.Upsilon, I am away.

3. Pawlus. Still traveling and afk for most of the time now.


Wednesday 17 August 2011 - 7Pm GMT - 9pm CET - 12pm SLT - OPEN FORUM + GAME

Meeting place: AVALON Learning Round Table



1. I can demo the Guesstionary game - would like to try out alongside my newly acquired 'score cards' (on my plot if anyone wants to look!) (Karelia) [Probably 15 mins .. ]

2. EVO session Machinevo proposal (deadline 10th Sept)

3. SLanguages Conference




1. Cybère (as usual: time when I go to work but maybe...)

2. Karelia Kondor / Helen Myers


4. Su Nacht (sorry I couldn't be with you last night. I tried to edit the page a few times but it didn't seem to work)

5. Heike aka Gwen

6.  Hope to be there: Osna

7. YT.Upsilon - tried to add myself before the meeting, but like Su, I couldn't get into the page.  

Friday August 5, 6pm GMT, 8pm CET, 11am SLT -  Exploration:Confederated Response Force and First Responder



RECORDING: http://lancelot.adobeconnect.com/p84gzi7kkfl/


Meeting place: EduNation - Webhead's HQ 

A box with Notecard and LM will be there for you to pick up in case you arrive late.


The First Responder Sim is a training area for emergency preparedness and actual training participants will receive certification at the end. The sim is provided by LL for public educational and training purposes in the hope that it will enable more lives to be saved in disasters.


CRF is a group which stands as a communication vehicle for development and implementation of disaster preparedness projects exploiting the capabilities in
Second Life for first responders and communities to learn and to train, ultimately to save more lives.

Not only is this a fun sim where you can literally "ride" the storm by using pose balls to enter a storm and get tossed around but this is important sim for RL too. 
As Pat
Thorkveld said, "Truly we hope to enable people to save more lives, that's what is important"



  1. Cybère --> (Wed 3Aug) I have placed a box with a notecard and LM on the Webhead HQ's plot for latecomers. Please note that the Sim is not accessible yet (as they are working on security there at the moment) but we have the prviviledge to have it open for us)
  2. YT Upsilon - Lifeus Interruptus
  3. Webhead Link tentatively, and event announced at  http://learning2gether.pbworks.com/volunteersneeded
  4. Su Nacht
  5. DevLink Garside
  6. Misy Ferraris (not sure but I'll try to be with you)

     7.  Plan to be there.  Osna Dennis

     8.  Alexandra (looking forward to this!)



  1. Annette. I'm leaving for holidays (at last). I am really sorry I have recently missed so much but I will catch up after August 18 :-)! See you all soon.
  2. YT  Upsilon.  Sorry I couldn't attend.  Something came up and I didn't get home till it was way too late.
  3. Apologies from Alexandra - connectivity issues :-(((


Wednesday 20th of July 7pm GMT, 9pm CET, 12am SLT - Open Forum

Meeting place: EduNation - Webhead's HQ



Experience 'Lindenwood Squares' - the SL version of 'Hollywood Squares' - as audience, contestant or 'celebrity'.  Your quizmistress will be Karelia Kondor and there will be prizes!  The aim could be to explore the use of this game format to develop listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills and to expand cultural knowledge OR it could be to have a bit of fun alongside the usual technical frustration which accompanies this wonderful world!  (Please feel free to edit this entry, anyone!) Feel free to invite tolerant friends!  The quiz will be conducted in English.

Please note Repeat Saturday 23July 9:00 PM GMT - 2PM SLT


Comments/questions/photos/recordings of the session on this page 


  1. Karelia Kondor
  2. Pawlus Twine
  3. Alexandra 
  4. Demie-Cybère (à moitié réveillée)  (will we use voice, Karelia?)
  5. Misy Ferraris
  6. DevLink Garside
  7. Su Nacht
  8. Pete McConachie (I'll be on a slow computer so not sure quite how I will get on) 
  9. DeeSnow (hope to be able to join you,but I am travelling and may not be able to get in ) 
  10. Osna Dennis (My computer is so erractic it might go backwards). 
  11. Lynne - aka YTUpsilon 

and many more participants!!!! 




Friday 1st of July 2011 6pm GMT, 8pm CET, 11am SLT - Exploration: Mayan Island

Mayan island by UW

Meeting place: EduNation - Webhead's HQ

Event pages: Avalon Ning Events 


Recording: http://lancelot.adobeconnect.com/p2lyutfkvv4/ 

Thanks to Gwen's beautiful network, come and join us for a tour around Mayan mythology and culture. Stylianos, one of the developers has agreed to show us around the multiple facets of Mayan life represented on this comprehensive sim. The visit is organised in 3 different areas representing :

  • Mayan Science comprising Fishing, Astronomy and Agriculture,
  • Mayan Mythology you can take part in a triathlon, take quizzes and win prizes and if we are lucky we might end up meeting Xibalba the fierce God of the Underworld
  • Mayan Medicine village where you can go on an apprentice quest to learn about Mayan medicine practices in order to save the Ha'men from a people from an epidemy.

But I will say no more, come and join the fun at the WebHead HQ bonfire, I have put a box there to get a notecard containing information on the island and the LM if you arrive late. Please try to be on time!

Report of the exploration

The group was welcome at the landing area of the Mayan Island by three of the developers, Sytlianos, Bev and Sicily. Stylianos started with a presentation of the project context as part of the University of Washington Certificate in Virtual Worlds course. They explained that all 15 developers were of different subject backgrounds and geographic locations.  Sicily (psychologist) then took us up to her part of the sim where she explained the intricacies of Mayan writing and where visitors can learn about about Mayan Glyphs through a memory game. We then teleported to the astronomy sky platform where God bots welcome visitors with notecards and information on Mayan religious beliefs and astronomy. An extensive museum is at the centre of the temple which can be accessed from the top (Take a deep breath before climbing up the steep staircases!). The visit ended at the village where tortillas were served and we played traditional instruments. The discussion led at the end of the visit gave us a braoder idea of their involvement in group project and their concept of collaborative creativity in immersive worlds such as Second Life. Please do watch the video recorded by Gwen to find out more!

Pictures are here


The blog about the graduation ceremony of the University of Washington and the opening of the Mayan island is mentioned here: Let's learn to do

The 2011 Virtual Worlds consortium gathers Second Life Educators and is held in Oakland in August this year.



1. Cybère

2. Baldric

3. Su (depending on technology - I will be in Italy :) )

4. Alexandra (rescheduled class, determined to attend!)

5. DeeSnow

6. Misy

7. Pawlus (happy to be able to come. I managed to reschedule some of my things but will be able to stay for an hour at most)

8. Gwen for the first hour (teaching after 12pm SLT)

9.  Osna Dennis

10. Burleh


1.Karelia (I really really hate missing out, but I will be at a conference in Brighton!)


3. Alessandra Nicolosi .Thanks a lot to Gwen’s recording. It was like to be there!




Wednesday 15th June 2011 7pm GMT, 9pm CET, 12am SLT - OPEN FORUM 

Meeting place: AVALON Learning Island 

 Event page: Avalon ning 


What about an 'Open Forum' to discuss:

a) the Edunation training program

b) SLanguage conference

Any other thoughts what we could talk about?

It takes place at 8pm UK time/ 12pm SL time (7pm GMT)

Hope you can join. Gwen


1. Gwen Gwasi

2. Cybère Placebo

3. DeeSnow Resident

4. Salty Saenz

5. Lynne aka YT (yt.upsilon)

6. Graham Stanley (Baldric.Commons)

7. CyberAmber Pixelmaid

8. Randall Renoir

9. Jens Nerido

10. Su Nacht



We welcomed Jens Nerido of the AVATAR project in our round and started with introducing each other.

No other topics were suggested for the agenda then the 2 topics suggested by Gwen, namely the training program and SLanguages conference.

a) Training program

Then we discussed the training program, decided that the word 'advanced' should possibly not be mentioned and that each session is said to be a training session for beginners. If pre-requisites are required then they should duly be mentioned. In general though, the SL skills such as building, scripting, animations etc. should be taught so that beginners to such skills can follow.

As a recap, here is an overview of the response we received for the call for trainers.

  • Cyber is offering to train sculpties, scripting (adding animations to poseballs and AOs, sit targets to prims, notecard and landmark givers, floating texts etc), (has already done) emoting in RPL, building (prim features, slideshows), presentation HUDs
  • Baldric – setting up a quest in SL combining objects, scripts, sound etc. to make a treasure hunt/ quest type activity
  • Nahiram – Gestures. Advanced photography. Inventory organisation
  • Mary – builders buddy, creating learning scenarios
  • Kalyan – building, texturing and working with megaprims
  • Bea – creating clothes and animations
  • Carmen (Misy) – Sloodle and prim animations
  • Chimera – OpenSim hopping and how to install an OpenSim infrastructure on a computer/ MAC
  • Gwen – sculpties, animations, machinimas
  • Randall – holodecks, building HUDs, adding scripts to objects
  • Carol – adding sound to objects
  • PinkSamurai – poses, animations, clothes

After an open discussion, it was kind of agreed, that a biweekly program would suit most at present, at least throughout the summer.

Then we talked about which calendar to use and it seemed like that the new SLexperiment calendar would be fine and also this calendar.

Not sure how many calendars are around, but this one is what we at EduNation set-up recently:


Note from Cybère about calendars:

  1. Edunation Calendar is set to set to Pacific time (SLT) and SLExperiments's calendar is now set to GMT for easier reading since most participants appear to be located in Europe or nearby. Please let us know of your preferences.  Please, please, please, let's keep to SL time.I have absolutely no idea what GMT is or what it means and I live in Europe. (BTW surely you mean UTC rather than GMT?) Pete. @Pete:  the time and date calendar www.timeanddate.comseems to indicate that UTC is the same as GMT summer and winter. I might be mistaken...   (Gwen in green)
  2. We need to open the calendar for people to write their input, or let us know when they could and we will put the content.
  3. SLexperiments calendar is just updating on anySL events that might be of interest to participants ((un)conferences, webinars, brown bag lunches - even not organised by us., it is a mere  information point for what happens on Edunation and elsewhere, along with SL experiments meetings . :-)
  4. I am of the opinion that Edunation calendar should remain the first point of contact for the training happening Education @ Edunation.  How does it sound? @Cyber, I tried to add both calendar in one. I managed to see them both on my google calendar page (when I am logged in) but they don't show up on one calendar publicly in the wiki. It is possible though, Cata managed to do this here on his blog http://catacharisma.blogspot.com/, he added our EVO Village calendar once and I will need to ask him how he did it, anybody knows how to do this? Also, I have given your email slexperiment1@gmail.com editing rights to the Edunation calendar (Gwen in green) 

Comment by Heike aka Gwen: We should use one calendar for now and we will use the SLexperiment calendar. My mistake with the first first training session date (we should call them workshops me thinks) is that it should be the 26th of June not the 19th - sorry! - 26 June it is!

It was not decided which calendar to use but it would make sense to use one only.

It was also mentioned that each trainer sets his own preferred time.

A question was asked by Mary about the prims available for building workshops and EduNation I has 5000 prims spare, EduNation III 9000 prims and AVALON Learning 4000 prims.

It was also decided to hold the training sessions alternately on AVALON Learning and on EduNation.

b) SLanguages 2011

SLanguages takes place 16-18 Sept 2011 and Gwen mentioned that Carol and herself spent the entire 24h up and that the time between midnight European time and 8am European time did not see many participants. It might be kind to the organizers to spread the conference out a bit longer, maybe even into the Sunday if there are enough presenters. Also, that it would be good to have maximum 3 parallel sessions.

A conference theme was discussed and Situated Learning and Serious Games were the forerunners. Others were "new approaches to language education in SL", "SL tasks for learning languages in virtual worlds", "collaborative learning". All agreed that we should keep it to language learning and not become too generic and that other virtual worlds would be welcome. Also that steampunk design would be a copy of VWBPE. 


Next meeting is with Cybère visiting the Mayan Island, 1st Friday of the month - 1 July 2011.

Next workshop:  is Saturday, 9th of July, 8am GMT and 6pm GMT on understanding the concept of tortured prims by creating 5 living- room objects. Requirements for this worshop is to have a good command of your camera controls.


Friday 3rd June 2011 6pm GMT, 8pm CET, 11am SLT - Simulation + Discussion: Role Play for Creative Writing

(this is just a suggestion, if you have any pressing matter you wish to discuss, please feel free to change the topic)

Meeting place: EduNation - Webhead's HQ

Event pages: Avalon Ning Events and Brainstorm ideas and minutes and Role Playing, Murder Mysteries and Treasure Hunts


With the "lesson learnt notes" of the murder mystery , I would like the group to test the viability of Emoting and with that put learners' narrative skills and spontaneity to the test in writing following the rules of basic Role Playing in SL. We will review the notion of Emoting (/me) as it is what turns a dialog into a story. In role Playing there are three types of language production (In Character):

1/direct speech = "My name is Inigo Montoya you killed my father, prepare to die"

2/*short expressive action* = *smiles*, *waves*, *grins*, etc..Dark, dark haunted Innsmouth

3/situated actions = "/me found the softest spot on the grass where the morning dew had evaporated with the early morning sun, sat down and looked blankly at the sea..."


OOC speaking = (( I must go to the loo .. brb! ))

"Out Of Character" is RL direct speaking. All OOC comments are usually done by direct IM (or in a dédicated group chat window. Like for instance a referee help request). Of course it can be done in Local Chat (see the rules of each RP region), but avoid abusing to not pollute the narrative story.


EMOTING unleash players' creative minds along with other players by elaborating on the language produced with semantic subtleties (appropriate use of wit and style in a given context) add to the quality of the exchange and thus experience of the players. The challenge lies of course in extrapolating on words like smile, say/tell, give, look, take, etc... and in using adverbs and adjectives to add flavour to a descriptive narration. Experienced Role Players recommend to start with a thesaurus.

Let's therefore try those valuable elements and test how valuable or not Emoting can be for high Intermediate to advanced students. More information on this page and your ideas prior and after the session on this page



During the session I will explain the basic notion of EMOTING in text sorry as role playing only happens in Text chat and we will practise some lines together. (Am I missing something here? Why does role playing only take place in text chat? It seems completely illogical to me - a bit like telling a RL class that all communication will be done on post-it notes. PM.)

Good point, Pete, the exercise here is test out  Role Playing Games RPG). Some SL Role Plays Sims allow the use of voice, however despite SL's wealth of visual clues that make up a scene, there is a dire need to express senses to add flavour to the RP. RPGs are not mere chatting in direct speech, like asking for bread or talking about one's house and family, The idea is to construct an improvised story together in a specific context giving clues to other players expressing actions and senses in situ, which goes beyond conversation. Emoting cannot really be expressed in voice, for e.g. you will not vocally say loud and clear to the others: /me (Pete) turns over to Cyber, taps her in the back "Say haven't we met before?". I will explain in more details what it is all about during the session. Really hope to see you there!

 Once we have gone through the intro, we will practice Emoting in situ in the holodeck's subway station scene on the sandbox. ( I have decided not to use Innsmouth as it might be too distracting for a start) We might try it in another session if everyone agrees. You can always visit Innsmouth as it is quite a rich sim if you wish and build a starting point to a small RPG. (http://slurl.com/secondlife/Innsmouth/13/241/13) 



1. Cybère (this is just a suggestion for a meeting, if you have any pressing matter you wish to discuss, places to visit, please feel free to change the topic,we can keep this for later...)

2. Annette (I hope. School is getting overwhelming...)

3. Karelia (and thanks for the suggestion and taking this lead Cyber .. great ideas!) (Annette.. I have an urgent need to contact you for a wonderful teaching aid Anna Begonia told me you had - the sound board ..)

4. Pete (hopefully - I have a long day on Friday so may be too knackered)

5. DevLink

6. Gwen: /me is looking forward to meeting everyone on Friday *smiles*


1. Pawlus: It is my wife's birthday today. I initially thought of rearranging things for tonight but... my guilty conscience said no. sorry ;)




Friday 20th May 2011 6pm GMT, 8pm CET, 11am SLT  Simulation - Logistics behind a murder mystery for language learning in SL ==> Discussion


Meeting place: EduNation - Webhead's HQ

Event page: Avalon ning Event Page and Plot development documents and discussion notes 


(Cybère) How about trying to solve a murder mystery on the island of Arcachon?  This will help me work on the logistics of a PBL task I am contemplating for a research paper on situated and experiential learning. I will provide some questions too after the game for discussion.

Don't come as consumers or observers only, real engagement in the reflective process + feedback as both language learners/ educators while and after solving the murder. This session might take 2 hours considering the game intro beforehand and the discussion afterwards. Report, game docs and discussion notes on this page



1. Cybère

2. Karelia Kondor - Weds 18 and Fri 20th May suit me (preference for Friday) - and yes Cyber, I would LOVE to be one of the characters really - you know me well! Which language(s)?

3. Annette. Violet Greenstain. Love this name. Doesn't it sound a little bit like one of Cluedo's characters?

 4. Alexandra Both Wednesday 18th or Friday 20th at 8pm CET is fine with me.

5. Misy: I'd like it! better Weds because on Friday I can stay only 1 hour (I've a class). I would like to be one of these characters...

6. YT Upsilon - aka Lynne - Happy to help out and should be able to attend (just figured out how to add myself here, so ignore the comment.)

7. Su Nacht: I should be able to come. I'm looking forward to it :)

8. Pete McConachie: count me in.It will be interesting to be human for once. I can make both times, tho Fri is better.

9. Pawlus Twine: may I take the other journalist? Friday should be fine with me. :-)

10 Devlink Garside : I'll be there ! 

11. Osna Dennis



1. DeeSnow sorry, will have to work on the 20th. (am usually free on Fridays but have just agreed to run a 4 week course for a small group of students) 

 2. Gwen will be there for the first hour because I am teaching in Berlin thereafter - still interested to observe and might be tempted to leave Odalis in place for not to miss out

3. CyberAmber won't be able to make it this time but very interested in the plot!





Friday 6th May 2011 6pm GMT, 8pm CET, 11am SLT  - One Prim BUILDING

Meeting place: EduNation - Webhead's HQ then Sandbox

Event page: http://avalon-project.ning.com/events/slexperiment-basic-1-prim


One Prim SessionAttending:

1. Cybère ( I would also like to gauge whether we could add another meeting to the calendar at a more appropriate time for the Asian/Pacific members of SLExperiments while keeping the Friday meeting - There doesn't seem to be many participant on the Wednesday, should we move the mid-month meeting back to Friday? I will post this question to the Avalon ning SLExper
iments group discussion forum so you can put your suggestions there) Let's keep Friday to 6pm GMT if this is best for most people, I will wake up early. Note that this building session will be text chat only as I will bet testing the "teaching HUD" - originally a wedding ceremony HUD, *chuckles*

2. Karelia (would later on a Friday work or timing e.g. 9pm GMT so that it is later on your Sat morning Cyber?  I'd want to be at the meeting where you are!!!!)

3. Nergiz (9 GMT is midnight for me and I teach on Saturday morning. However, if it is helps Cybère and other members, I could try and join the Wednesday meetings instead. Some time ago, there was a similar request from members in Asia and Australia and we arranged Saturday noon/afternoon meetings for a while but it wasn't taken up).

4. Pete (9GMT is midnight for me too - not really viable. I think the only option is to do an additional time. Of course that is dependent on there being viable groups for each meeting.)


1. CyberAmber Pixelmaid (aka KiwiBelma) - I'll try to attend but can't promise as it will be 6am Sat for me here in downunder :-). Until then, you may wish to check out Script Me! which "helps you create scripts for your Second Life objects. These scripts allow you to add interactive elements to your builds without knowing how to code. All of the script are released under a creative commons license, which means that you can use them freely!" Thanks for sharing this link CyberAmber, we might want to hold a session on this tool as a group too so we can enjoy playing with scripts together? Anyone interested? I can plan scripting a few objects beforehand then showcase them for everyone to try, unless anyone puts their hand up?

I use the Script Me script generator in SL teacher training courses when we do basic building and scripting. It's great for learning how scripts work. Another interesting tool for those who don't want to learn how to script but want to add functions to their objects is Scratch 4 SL. (Nergiz)


2. From Graham Davies (Groovy Winkler): My problem is that I have a rich weekend social life in real life. My wife and I go out on most Friday and Saturday evenings: dinner at our local pub, visiting my daughters and grandchildren who live nearby, etc. If we stay at home we always eat between 8pm and 10pm - and we always have a proper, leisurely sit-down dinner. Sometimes I am able to drop in to the SL meetings, but not often. By the way, this page cannot be edited in my version of Internet Explorer (Version 8).  I get an error message saying "So sorry but your browser does not support rich web editing". I am therefore using Google Chrome to edit this page.


3. From Annette. What a pity! I got home so late after school that I didn't even try to log in. From Alexandra's picture, I imagine it was a great session! May I hope in a repeat...?


4. From Pete. Something came up and I wasn't able to attend. Would love a repeat or are there materials anywhere? (Cybère) Pete, I have now put the class box with an instruction notecard for all the objects some textures to play with on my plot next to the metapresenter board, it is a dark gray rotating box. Click on it and you will get a folder called "One Prim session". Thanks but I couldn't find it - seemed to be about something Japanese.


Cybère: Two weeks ago I attended a one prim scripting class at NCI and really enjoyed what I learnt so I would like to share as I know some of you are interested in learning a bit of scripting. We will (hopefully) learn how to 'sculpt a sofa, a rug with multiple textures, a table and possibly a lamp if time allows. I have the class material and will create a folder for you to get started. Meeting on Edunation I Sandbox. [Karelia: sounds great!]

I will also test a "Teaching HUD" which I might share with you in another session (Educational tools session ) if I manage to get it working properly.

Alexandra's Fabulous CreaationsNote: Randall has been fabulously quick to respond to my request to add 24 building seats to the Holodeck for building sessions on Edunation I sandbox, so check it out (rez/other/building platforms) ! Thanks for that Randall! 


Thank you Cybere for this wonderful session!!!  I'm so proud I've managed to build these pieces of furniture that I simply must show off!!!

So here goes:



Alexandra Ergenthal, Cybere and Devlink  at the One Prim session

(All furniture made by Alexandra under Cybere's expert guidance!!!)


Thank you/ Merci Cybere - it was definitely worth getting up at 6am :-) Encore! Encore!

(Sorry, my sofa is not worthy of posting it here...perhaps soon)

CyberAmber Pixelmaid


And thanks from me .. it is a credit to your teaching organisation Cyber that although I was 20 minutes late, I was able to catch up and follow what you were doing.  It was great to hear all our squeals of delight as we transformed our hollow (NB not cylindrical!!!) prims into sofas, tables and .. wow .. lamps!!  Thanks so much for showing me how to turn on the lights in SL!!!  Karelia Kondor xxx



Wednesday 20th April 2011 6pm GMT, 7pm CET, 10am SLT  -  Anything you wish to share?


Meeting place: EduNation - Webhead's HQ 

 Event page:  







1. Cybère (I can't make it at this time of the day during the week)

2. Annette (still teaching on Wednesday evenings, sorry)

Friday 1st April 2011 6pm GMT, 8pm CET, 11am SLT  - EXPLORATION

--> We have switched to daylight saving time in Europe! (6am New Zealand time, groan! bare with me)


Meeting place: EduNation - Webhead's HQ 

Event page: http://avalon-project.ning.com/events/slexperiments-sim-exploration



1. Cybère

2. Karélià ( à la française!)

3.Osna  Got dates wrong. Can be there.   

4. Annette (I have had a change of schedule at work - teaching till 8.10pm CET, sorry. But I will try to join you asap)

5. Nergiz/Daffodil (planning to be there)

6. Pierre McConachie (mais oui, absolutment)

7. Pawel/Pawlus (at a symposium, but I will try to drop in)  


1.  YTUpsilon aka Lynne.  Sorry, I'll be in the UK and besides which it's my 16th WA.  I am going to make it to one of these one day!    :-)

Agenda: Mystery EXPLORATION

I have two "mystery" sims to share which I hope will be new to you! A "mystery" object with Notecards and Landmarks will be placed by the campfire on Friday for you get a folder. The notecards are also for you to add your first impressions during the visit in case you want to use it with your students. Your ideas will be most welcome in the Avalon discussion area 

See you there or be square !! (Cybère)


Wednesday 16th  March 2011 8pm GMT, 9pm CET, 12pm SLT - DISCUSSION

Meeting place: EduNation - Webhead's HQ 



1. Karelia Kondor

2. Osna Dennis





1. Cybère (on call with RL work)

2. Su Nacht (not available on that night :( )

3. Annette Lionheart (teaching all Wednesdays till May 18)



following up on Nergiz's suggestions for last meeting; all other ideas are welcome, kindly add them in.  :-)

  1. name a volunteer to take up minutes 
  2. Inform participants about the new discussion group set up for the SLExperiments group on the AVALON Ning.
  3. Find volunteers who would like to help restructure the wiki. We could start with rewriting the Front Page text so that the wiki's purpose becomes clear. (Note that we will not discuss the text during the meeting. This can be done later by those who will write the text.) Happy to help out with refurbishing the wiki (Cybère)
  4. Discuss the topic of discrimination against non-native speaker teachers in job ads in virtual worlds. Read the blog post here on this topic first


Minutes: (please type/[copy and paste chat transcript] here)

1.  As far as I can tell, there was no meeting as such. When I arrived Gwen had just found a talk by Sir Ken Robinson on Livestream and passed the URL to me. I watched it - Sir Ken was as excellent as always, and left SL while I was doing so. Karelia was definitely there at the beginning, I am not sure who was present at the end. There was no discussion.  (Osna).





Friday 4th March 2011 7pm GMT, 8pm CET, 11am SLT


Meeting place (on Friday's) EduNation - Webhead's HQ


Agenda: (Warm thanks to Anna for her helpful contribution below) 


Anna's Summary


There was a last minute change in the agenda. On Edunation I, Anna Lazzari [Annette Lionheart], had set up a temporary exhibition about "Carnival and Masks" in Italy, which would last only a couple of weeks, so the group decided to have a guided tour of this event and postpone the visit to mystery island to a later date.

Using Edith/Cybère's terminology, the theme of the meeting changed thus from EXPLORATION into EVENTS.




The tour started with a short introduction to the meaning of the word "carnevale" in Italian. This refers specifically to the 16-day period leading to Lent, but its origins are pre-Christian (probably dating back to the ancient Roman festivals of Saturnalia or Bacchanalia). The term "carnevale" itself probably derives from the late Latin "carne vale" (bye bye meat!), or from the early Italian "carne levare" (to remove meat), both reminding the fact that during Lent meat was prohibited. In other words, "carnevale" means: "have fun today because tomorrow you will have to repent".


In Italy, Carnevale is celebrated everywhere and in many different fashions. Anthropologists distinguish three main types of "carnevale":


1. History re-enactments (e.g. Venice, Ivrea);

2. Apotropaic rituals (e.g. Sardiniaís Mamuthones, the "devils" of Tufara in Molise);

3. Float parades (e.g. Viareggio, Acireale).


Examples of each type were illustrated with pictures and videos and discussed.


The end-of-meeting discussion briefly covered the following points:


- Different meanings of the term "carnival" in different countries/cultures;

- Presence of similar festivities in different countries/cultures;

- Features recurring in such festivities: people wearing masks (temporary anonymity, temporary levelling of social differences, inversion of roles), elements reminding to end-of-winter apotropaic ceremonies.


Participants also agreed on the fact that similar exhibitions could be arranged as the final output of a class research project.


Wednesday 16th February 2011 SL 11:00,  8pm GMT/9pm CET


Hi Pete, yes, the 16th is the third Wednesday of the month so there is a meeting. 

I don't always find the time to update the wiki with every meeting. But the joint SLExperiments/AVALON meetings normally take place regularly every first Friday at 7pm GMT and every thrid Wednesday at 8pm GMT.  (Nergiz)


I have added the meeting announcement to the AVALON Ning. (Gary)


Apologies for missing the meeting. I had to take care of my nephew because my sister is ill and completely forgot about the meeting.


I've just seen that Gary has set up a group on the AVALON Ning for the SLExperiments and AVALON joint meetings/members. I think that's a good place for "out-of-world" discussions.


Would anyone who participated in the meeting provide a short summary here? That would be much appreciated. (Nergiz)



There are several language teacher groups now in Second Life. Some also have a community platform on the Internet (Ning, Grouply). The question has come up whether all create their own wiki for resources or whether we use one wiki together so that we know all resources are in one place. I suggest we discuss this and then a group of volunteers could go about creating a wiki or restructuring an existing one. If SLExperiments was chosen, then we could delete the Weekly Meetings page and use the wiki only for permanent resources. Events and meetings could be posted somewhere else. (Nergiz) 



Friday 4th February 2011 7pm GMT, 8pm CET


Any suggestions for the agenda? (Nergiz)



Wednesday 19th January 2011 8pm GMT, 9pm CET

No minutes recroded but interesting questions to ponder for following meetings (Cybère) 


1. Any new tools found for helping teaching?  (Kareilia can show a really good display screen which caches images so you don't have to wait for them to rezz

2. Any landmarks of places or dates of events where you could practise language? (r.g. Mexico, PopArtDisplay, Art Maze)



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YTUpsilon said

at 7:12 am on May 10, 2011

I would love to attend / help out with the Murder mystery. (I'm not sure how to add my name to "attending" though).

YTUpsilon said

at 6:59 am on May 11, 2011

Re Murder Mystery - I'm happy to be Marilyn FlowerPower, there is a little hippy inside me. Do we get some character background before the event? As a method actress I do like to get into my roles. ;-)

Alexandra K said

at 7:53 pm on Jul 1, 2011

Thank you all for organising this amazing Maya island tour!
See you soon


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