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Second Life skills

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Second Life Vital Skills We All Need To Learn:


Here we collect all of the SL skills we think that we as teachers and our students need to have or learn. We can always choose from these to teach each other in our weekly meetings but you can also go to Information for SL beginners with links to tutorials, orientation islands and other resources for beginngers.



SL Skills Teachers and/or Students Should Know:-




Where to Find a Tutorial for this:                                        


Order the Inventory

To easily access your folders and contents

Tip: remember to keep your Inventory in order every time you buy or get a new item. Organize it using folders where you can easily search what you are looking for. (alicia)


Pie menus / Avatar pie menu

To know how to manage : IM calls / appearance / how to add friends / Groups / Profile /




Camera controls

To focus on things that are far

Go to: view: click on it  (alicia)


Movement controls

To be able to get out of deep waters or if you fall from a high cliff!

Go to view: click on it


Tip: have them on your screen  at hand all the time!  (alicia)

Saving chat logs To be able to trace interaction between students that do not use voice and then have the chance to work on mistakes and to have a record of ss' language to use for feedback later and plan remedial lessons



Flying To be able to land successfully without bumping on the ground Please use your movement controls : on the right side of the rectangle you have two arrows: one 'up' and another one 'down'. Use them to fly 'up' high...and the one 'down' to land successfully without bumping yourself on the ground. (alicia)


How to mute Very useful for classes when participants work in pairs or groups to be able to concentrate on what your partners are talking about.  Right click on the person. Choose the option 'mute'. Remember to 'unmute' when you finish your activity and want to interact with all of the ones you muted.


How to make private calls As an alternative to IM

When in IM messages, at the top of the screen there is a 'call' option. Just press it, and you will start talking privately with the person you chose.


You can also use this in private groups, and it allows you to talk to the members of the group without disturbing other people nearby.  It also works in areas where voice is not enabled.   Make sure the group is activated by all participants.  Go into the group profile and enable group call.


How to create and send a notecard To share information with students and peers. Agenda, class activity, instructions, etc.



Recording voice chats (advanced) For ss or participants who missed the class or meeting. To analyse ss's mistakes after the class. To have ss listen and make suggestions for improvement, etc. http://snurl.com/slvoicerecording 


Texture Tutorial A self-guided tutorial on how to use and even create your own textures in Second Life.   Hosted in the Living Tree Sim. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Livingtree/127/99/25 T - S
How to upload textures                 To put them on your whiteboards, exercises for classes, pictures, etc.



How to take closer looks To read signs that are high or far without moving

Keep pressing : Ctrl + Alt , then right clik and a square

will appear. Just Press the + symbol in the camera control to get the closest you need to see or read your target object.

All essential basic SL skills 

Graham Davies's introductory tutorial materials for newbies:

Downloadable Word document, Introduction to SL Viewer 2:


ICT4LT Module 1.5, Section 14.2.1:






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