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Members' blogs

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Here is a list of Second Life-related blogs of SLexperiments members. Feel free to add your blog. 


Dennis' blogs 

Praising Second Life 


Grammar translation to holodeks: English Village

In praise of Second Life - an SLexperiments meeting 

A guest in Nergiz's lesson - Nergiz's class visit Dennis outside his SL villa

Observing a TEFL lesson in Second Life (LanguageLab)

Interview with Gavin Dudeney (including trial audio recording)


Nellie's Blog

Connecting Online



Frank's (Salty Saenz) Sites:

Mexico English Teachers' Alliance (META Web 2.0)

The 21st Century Teacher Blog

SLURL: Salty's Second Life EFL Teacher Training Retreat at SLEnglish


Nergiz' (Daffodil Fargis) SL teaching blog

SLexperiments blog (with downloadable lessons plans, pictures of lessons, post-lesson evaluation, tips, etc.)

Why I decided to teach in Second Life

Components of a teacher training course in SL (add your comments) 


Nelba's blog

English Virtual Community


Alicia's blog

Online Training


Doris Molero (Pionia Destiny)

EFL Professor in SL

Learning English in a Medieval World

Medieval Role Play in SL

Blogueando En ciencias de la Educacion

Multiliterated Doris

Second Life in the EFL University 


Anna Begonia

my teaching experience in SL

my learning experience in SL

a little unscientific survey


Donal Thompson

Private Classes


Karelia Kondor (Helen Myers)

Karelia Kondor's blog (blatantly copying Anna Begonia!). 


Barb Sakamoto (Lynn Carlucci)

(currently Second Life focus, but not strictly Second Life... so I'll just link to those posts)

Why Every Language Teacher Needs a (Second) Life

Giving Second Life a (Second) Chance (Part 1: Getting Basic Second Life Skills)

Giving Second Life a Second Chance (Part 2: Explore talks, conferences & tours) 

Giving Second Life a Second Chance (Part 3: Getting Professionally Developed)


The EUROCALL/CALICO Virtual Worlds SIG Ning, managed by Graham Davies (Groovy Winkler)  and Randall Sadler (Randall Renoir). The Ning includes a blogs section to which any member of the Ning can contribute.


Graham Davies (Groovy Winkler) has written a substantial section on SL at the ICT4LT website, Section 14.2.1 of Module 1.5. It contains numerous links to other sites, resources and videos and also a link to Graham Davies's Introduction to SL Viewer 2, which is a set of downloadable training materials for newbies in Word doc format. This is not a blog; it is part of a permanent website, but it is regularly revised. The introductory training materials take beginners step-by-step through the basics and contain links to many other resources on the Web and inworld. The ICT4LT blog is associated with the ICT4LT website and contains occasional postings on SL, for example on the 1920s Berlin Project and Groovy's SL videos (relating to the old EUROCALL HQ in SL).


Marisolde Orellana (Marisa Constantinides) ome thoughts on Language Teaching, Language Teacher Education & New Technologies

Website CELT Athens 

Blog TEFL Matters Some thoughts on Language Teaching, Language Teacher Education & New Technologies

Blog Teaching & Learning Foreign Languages 

Social Network ELT Teachers' Network 



Wlodek Barbosa's blogs

SLEnglish "pronunciation with Wlodek Barbosa" sessions on UWA Virtlantis

Dept of Computer-Assisted Linguistics, School of English, AMU



KiwiBelma's Blog [CyberAmber Pixelmaid] 

Blog KiwiBelma Multi-user Virtual Environments - SL, RG, Twinity

Wiki KiwiBelma 




Pete McConachie's Blog

Don't Panic http://blog.e-lang.co.uk


Misy Ferraris' Blogs







Lynne (YT Upsilon's) Blog


You know you've lost the plot when - http://www.yourteacher.learn-english-network.org/2007/03/you-know-youve-lost-plot-when_09.html

Things to do in Second Life - http://www.yourteacher.learn-english-network.org/2011/03/things-to-do-in-second-life.html

A snippet - http://www.yourteacher.learn-english-network.org/2011/03/snippet.html

Patience is a virtue - http://www.yourteacher.learn-english-network.org/2011/03/patience-is-virtue.html


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Please only add blogs with Second Life relevance here. If you have other blogs with an occasional post about SL, you can add the link to that post. All other (non-SL-related) links will be moved to the "Misplaces Non-SL-related Content" page.

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