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Holodecks in Language Classes

Page history last edited by Nina Lyulkun 15 years ago

Here we will collect everything that has to do with holodecks in language classes:

  1. Pictures of scenes together with information about who created them, where to get a copy, how they were used in a lesson, etc).
  2. Ideas on how to use holodecks for language learning and teaching.
  3. Reports on how a holodeck scene has been used in a language lesson and how it went.
  4. Anything else?

----> If the information is on your or someone else's blog or website, refer to it here briefly and add a link to the original entry.

---> Please, help to organise this page. We can add additional pages to link from here (separate ones for ideas, scenes and reports?); we can have a table of contents. Any help is very welcome.  


----> You can upload snapshots of the scenes to our flickr group if you want, tag them SLExperiments and embed them here. The link: http://www.flickr.com/groups/slexperiments/


Here is the link to Photo slideshow, taken on July 8.


I blogged about the final event on Saturday, 27th June 2009 here trying to summarize what we came up with.

I think it would make sense to have one main page with the list of scenes and then separate pages for each scene where we could add snapshots, descriptions and ideas. What do you think? Is this all too much work? Any other ideas? (Nergiz)


Comments (12)

Nergiz Kern said

at 5:25 pm on Jun 21, 2009

Any more ideas about what to add to this page and how to organise it are welcome.

nesterov@dennisnewson.de said

at 9:30 am on Jun 27, 2009

A good idea, Nergiz. I plan to write a blog account of my misadventures with my Dogme Garden and I will put a link here in due course. As materials flood in :-) I'll glad help to organise them. You've got my addresses.

Graham Davies said

at 1:11 pm on Jun 27, 2009

Have you seen Randall Sadler's amazing new holodecks at the CALICO / EUROCALL HQs on EduNation III? See especially the CALICO Tower and the Tiki Hut. We have three Horizons holodecks in the two HQs. One is on the EUROCALL HQ roof, one is on the ground of CALICO's property, which is where you will find the CALICO Tower and the Tiki Hut. A third holodeck, the Skydeck, is 2000 metres high in the sky and accessible via the teleport system. The Skydeck is being used for experimental purposes and will be used for new, large builds.

Our new Welcome are is here:

Please don't disturb my dog while he is feeding or sleeping.


Helen Myers said

at 2:24 pm on Jun 27, 2009

Well done Nergiz, Carol and Dennis fro organising such an enjoyable and informative event .. congratulations to those who demonstrated their scenes .. brilliant! So nice to meet 'like-minds' and admire people's creativity/imagination/generosity. I got a bit carried away with the photos and have added them to the flickr stream .. feel free to delete if there are too many .. I will not be offended! (I promise I won't spoil Monday's class Anna .. I will act surprised, and I will not cheat by looking up all the words and phrases first!)

nesterov@dennisnewson.de said

at 6:31 pm on Jun 27, 2009

I've put the photos I took today here:

Holodeck Challenge


Nergiz Kern said

at 1:50 pm on Jun 28, 2009

Thanks for all the comments!
Once again you have all proved that teachers are very creative indeed!

@Dennis, looking forward to your blog post.
@Helen, thanks for your kind words and the snapshots. I don't think we will remove any.
@Graham, thanks for the SLURL. I have added it also to my blog post about the event (at the end).

Nina Lyulkun said

at 5:20 pm on Jun 28, 2009

Dear Nergiz and all,

I'd like to thank you all a lot for the wonderful tour around the Holodecks! I was really amazed with what I'd seen. I am curious how you all could manage to create all those wonderful scenes. Perhaps, I will never can create such things there.

I am sorry for leaving earlier. I see that I missed a lot. Anyway, I will try to learn as much as I can myself during these summer vacations.

SL participants and residents, you have been doing great! I wish I could do this too.

The best,

Nergiz Kern said

at 7:37 pm on Jun 28, 2009

@Nina Thanks so much for your kind words! We all started out knowing nothing and you are already beyond that point and in great company ;)

Nina Lyulkun said

at 9:09 pm on Jun 28, 2009

Dear Nergiz,
Thank YOU a lot for cheering up.

Warmly ,

Maria Pinto said

at 5:01 am on Jul 2, 2009

Sorry I have not been able to post any pictures of the scenes I have showed you last week or any other pics from the rest of the group taking part in this. The thing is that during the challenge technical issues were very limited to my willing to take snapshots because my computer was almost ready to take it easy in SL. But one thing I have to say, I really enjoyed participating in this event. It was wonderful sharing with you all. I'd also like to take the opportunity to thank CAROL for her wonderful and excellent help. Bravo Carol!!.

According to my expectations, everything clicked. The first introduction to HOLODECKS. This would not have happened, if it I had not gone to Nergis' session. It was the beginning of an adventure which I am so happy to do, create and imagine. Then, the creation itself, the giving expression of my own state of mind, the mistakes, and the learning process of every single step I went through. Mistakes are just the most wonderful experiences you are given. Just imagine, forgetting where the base was, or worst, where the components were; in the same box; or a mix-up of both of them. The result was the following: a complete LEARNING.

Thank you all, Nergis, Osna, and Carol for this unforgettable learning!!.

Mary Roussel

Nergiz Kern said

at 7:26 am on Jul 2, 2009

Mary, I haven known you as a good teacher and committed learner during the Virtual Worlds & Language Learning session and the SLExperiments meetings you have attended. Now, I also know you and the others who accepted the challenge and built those wonderful scenes as artists! You don't stop to amaze me.

Don't worry about the snapshots. I think we have plenty of them in our flickr pool: http://www.flickr.com/groups/slexperiments/

Pawel Topol said

at 12:37 pm on Jul 2, 2009

I too was impressed by the presenters' skill and creativity. My sincere congratulations!
Another great advantage of participating in the meeting was that I not only saw thosee beautiful scenes but also learned from the authors how those might be used in real educational situations. The added value is unquestionable. Thank you, Nergiz, for adding the teaching ideas to the pictures on your blog.
The discussion on holodeck ideas and other people's comments were very informative, too.
Generally, thanks to all. :)

Cheers from Poland,
Pawel /Pawlus Twine

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